Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Colour Me Good!

Oooh it's coming into Autumn now and I'm enjoying the changes in the season, especially the lush colours and foraging for sweet chestnuts. I'm always happiest when it's colder so I can justify getting out my fine collection of hot water bottles!

As for my first post I'd like to share some fun activity sheets I've been working on for my latest picture book Ballet Cat (Walker Books).

Arthur is in urgent need of some colour!

I've had loads of fun choosing which artwork would work best for colouring-in and even made some character masks for the Crazy Cat Crew! Here's Nicola from my agents office trying one for size.

Watch out Nelson's about!

You can download the activity sheets and have a play from the 'Freebie Fun' link above this post. I hope you like them. Please feel free to send me any pictures of your finished colouring and masks, I'd love to see the alley cats out and about!

And it's been almost a few months, but this is my first chance to say how thrilled and grateful I am for the lovely review Kate Kellaway gave Ballet Cat in the Guardian in July. Cheers!

I'm working busily on some exciting new ideas that I hope I'll be able to share with you soon.

Bye for now.


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