Monday, 13 January 2014

Light as a Feather

I first came across Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake when I started the research for Ballet Cat. Back then I never got the opportunity to see it - but finally on Saturday afternoon I did!

For me what was most inspiring was how an established story can be adapted and moulded into something incredibly unique. This production is comical, passionate, elegant and menacing. The set design with it's palette is understated yet bold. The beautiful use of light and shadows is striking as we follow the Prince's tortured mind. In appearance the male swans are simplistic with their shaven heads and bare chests, only donning heavily feathered trousers. You can't escape the sheer masculine power of the swans which is expressed even further with a smear of black makeup running down their foreheads. I felt I must share some of the visual splendor of this revival, so please feel free to take a peek and go and see if you get the chance!

Funnily enough in the first draft of Ballet Cat Arthur also found himself dancing to Swan Lake - here's a early rough spread from that version of the book.

The Finale

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