Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dark Shadows

Last week I spent a few days away in Whitby, North Yorkshire and discovered it has plenty more to offer apart from an excellent portion of fish and chips. I was hoping it would be the perfect place for a touch of research on a new spooky picture book. It certainly was, and look what I found unexpectedly loitering over my bed...

Love at first bite

The bat is one of the many gothic gems in a unique B&B called Bats and Broomsticks. I've never spent the night anywhere before which has an emergency basket of wooden stakes placed in the wardrobe - just incase! The atmosphere created by having a full English breakfast by candlelight, whilst listening to The Damned was a fitting start to each day. It really was such a blast to stay there, so if you tend to gravitate towards the darker side of things please give it a go.

Whitby is packed with hidden delights. Even the graveyard which is situated adjacent to the Abbey overlooking the sea has a one or two surprises, such as the skull and crossbones carved onto this pirate's gravestone.

Pirate's gravestone

A view to die for

North Yorkshire well and truly conjured up numerous tales of horror from it's past and present. I'm certain this wealth of gothic inspiration will keep me fairly busy for sometime to come!

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