Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ice Cream Bucket Challenge!

By now everyone has heard of the Ice Bucket Challegethe campaign that raises awareness for the MND Asoociation. I was nominated by the lovely Karen Ross to make a donation along with doing the challenge. But Karen specifically requested a doodle and said she'd like Milly Moo to be involved... so it became the Ice Cream Bucket Challenge! 

Curious cows

What's about to occur?

We've been Chilly Milly Mooed!

Many years ago I lost my dad to MND, so I'm grateful to everyone that have already doused themselves in icy cold water, or created a doodle to boost awareness and help raise funds. More importantly though if you can, please make a donation to Motor Neurone Disease Association or you can easily text, details below.

Many thanks!

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