Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Meals on Wheels

Doesn't every villain deserve some sort of machine to assist them in their fiendish plan? Hyde is definitely one of those dastardly scoundrels, he's a massive mouse with a monster appetite. It's only fitting his machine as the power to ZAP anything into food, from tables into toffee, chairs into chocolate... and even grannies into custard! 
This is the first drawing him in his machine. 

Initial drawing of Hyde's machine

During the development stage Hyde's machine was called various names like the Greedy Grub Mobile, Mighty Bite Buggy, Greedy Beastie Bus, Meals On Wheels Mobile and eventually Mega Munch Machine.

Mega Munch Machine

Where did Hyde find the parts to create his machine?
Early on in the story we see Granny hoover up her home after Hyde's first night on the rampage. I worked with the idea of something that was used to clean up his mess, would eventually be used as a weapon for more muddle and mayhem.

Granny cleaning up Hyde's dirty mess

This is Hyde putting the pieces together to build a machine fit for a Monster Mouse!

Hyde's work in Progress

If you like bonkers stories that contain mischief making, monster mouse machines, why not check out Hyde and Squeak in your local bookshop!

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